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My name is Alan Lewis Silva, and I am the minister of Sdbiblestudy Church I own the rights to these songs, which I am making available for non-commercial use, all rights reserved. Although Sdbiblestudy Church is oriented to the worship of Yahuwah and Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, part of our mission is the redemption of humanities.

As anyone can see by exploring our website, humanities is the creative art of intelligence. Each human being has a special connection to God, inherent from deep within, where the Kingdom of God is. We are like radios that receive the frequency transmissions from the Holy Spirit in our life, of Spirit.

I am making these songs I wrote the music and lyrics to available here. I hope that this will bring more people to our church. Thanks for listening. Wishing you peace and best regards.


Musical Shadows is a book of my songs from 2003 to 2016, which corresponds to 20 albums of my music. Musical Shadows is over 50,000 words of poetry arranged in alphabetical, alphanumerical order. It collectively tells the story of the millennial generation adapting to the climate of southern California in the information age. It is indie folk music, with elements of rock, blues, fado, and reggae.

Many of the songs feature an 6/8 rhythm, which is uncommon by contemporary music standards. The 6/8 is where some of the reggae influence comes from. The songs are highly lyrical and intended to create mental images by the listener’s own imagining and interpretation of the words in a story. Some songs have a grunge and alternative rock feel as well. Musical Shadows has stylings of fado culture, blues, and the singer-songwriter mantle.

My music was first published from individual self-made albums in the order as follows: Boa Sina, Ao Vivo, Carlos Terceira, Mystery House, Rose Blood Vol. I & II, Gypsy Songs, Big Green Country, Mountain Stairs, Changing the Guards, Aviary Tomb, Hunters and Hunted, Numas Estrelas, Golden Palace, Flower People, Beach Songs, California Authors, I Been Living, Alan Silva, JESUS, and Songs for Mercedes.

Musical Shadows in the 20 album format and book format further includes songs previously unreleased, such as previously unpublished songs, songs from EP’s, and live recordings.



Musical Shadows [book] by Alan Lewis Silva

Musical Shadows [ebook] by Alan Lewis Silva

Dance amongst swords by Henryk Siemiradzki (first version, 1881). Alan Lewis Silva.
Dance amongst swords by Henryk Siemiradzki (first version, 1881).