May UNITE Newsletter

MAY UNITE NEWSLETTER: California Out of Control

“As we begin this May UNITE Newsletter, California continues to mangle the First Amendment with a snitch line for reporting ‘hate’ speech while activists harass and attack conservative speakers.”

May UNITE Newsletter: Censorship

California continues to mangle the 1st Amendment with a snitch line for reporting “hate” speech while activists harass and attack conservative speakers. In 2022, California passed a“medical “misinformation” bill targeting doctors that was temporarily blocked by a federal judge in January 2023.

Action: Rebel against censorship by avoiding government-controlled propaganda on the mainstream media. Find alternative news sources that offer opposing points of view. Search out the truth.

May UNITE Newsletter: Illegal Immigration

Trump-era Title 42 expired on May 11. At least one state is sending its National Guard to protect its borders. Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the DHS is using detection technology that alerts Mexico about the location of border crossings where illegals can avoid such measures. California continues to bestow benefits on the newcomers while thousands of homeless citizens sleep on our streets.

Action: Inundate your state representatives with phone calls, emails and letters demanding lawful and humane immigration enforcement until you can elect officials who will protect border integrity.

May UNITE Newsletter: Public School Indoctrination

Today’s schools are teaching deviant sex education, revisionist American history, as well as ethnic studies and Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI). School libraries offer books that provide graphic sexual material, normalize deviancy and exploit gender dysphoria. Young people react emotionally and are highly receptive to outside influences particularly from adults they admire in an environment that fosters equity over equality.

Action: Contact your children’s school and ask to see the curriculum, including textbooks. Talk to your children and their friends about what they are learning in school. Build trust by listening rather than judging. Offer different viewpoints to expand their thinking.
Follow school board meetings, attending in person and stating your concerns. Support bills (see page 2) that focus on basic education and voice your opinions on the bills that erode parental rights and manipulate the minds of our children. Better yet, exit the public school system completely.

May UNITE Newsletter: Get Smart

The recent Covid crisis was a dry run. California’s lockdown was one of the most repressive in the nation, locking churches, destroying small businesses and catering to big corporations and “essential” businesses, like liquor stores and marijuana shops. An intensive PR campaign, insane financial incentives, fear mongering based on false diagnoses, threats of job loss led a trusting population to accept massive inoculations of a poorly tested shot using unproven technology (mRNA). It didn’t stop anyone from getting Covid; it didn’t stop the spread; and Big Pharma knew it. The “unexplained” deaths and adverse effects are still being ignored by the MSM (Main.

Action: Expect another plandemic coming soon. Action: Don’t be fooled again!

May UNITE Newsletter: The Electrical Grid

California’s headlong rush to convert the state to “renewable” energy will hasten the exodus of its tax base and find itself unable to supply basic energy needs. Meanwhile, the state’s energy companies have proposed a graduated rate schedule based on income. In addition to enraging its customers and hastening the exit of its tax base, violating the 14th amendment is never a good idea from a legal standpoint.

Action: Be prepared for higher electricity costs and rolling blackouts.

And Finally, Leaving California

Over 700,000 people/families have left California in the last 2 years, replacing them with newcomers who prefer our country to their own. This poses a problem for the state budget as California’s leadership gifts them with costly benefits unavailable to the state’s taxpayers.
Reparations, drought, forest fires and now a $25B budget deficit do not bode well. California recently defaulted on its debt of $18.6B to the federal government with employers left holding the bag. California also has the lowest literacy rates in the nation: 76.9%, the highest gas prices and a homeless population of around 600,000.

Action: That said, STAY and FIGHT for our beautiful state. Contact your state and federal legislators. Often! Track new legislation. Support or oppose bills while they are still in committee and spread the word. Keep track of how your representatives vote. And carefully vet the candidates running for office.

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