Ahuna Vairya


The Ahuna Vairya prayer is a direct contribution to humanity from the prophet Zarathushtra Spitama (Zoroaster), the founder of the world’s most ancient and continuously practiced monotheistic religion, Mazdayasna, also called Zoroastrianism. There are many extensive and profound similarities pertaining to Zoroastrianism, Christianity, and other faiths as well such as Shi’a Islam and Buddhism.

The Ahuna Vairya is the most important prayer of Zoroastrianism. According to the Bundahishn, Ahura Mazda spoke this manthra, a prayer of sacred words, to paralyze and astonish the Devil at the beginning of our cycle of time, initiating the great controversy between Truth and Lies, Good and Evil, Health and Sickness. The lore of the Good Religion (Mazdayasna) is that Ahura Mazda personally taught this prayer to Zarathushtra.

An English Translation of the Ahuna Vairya

Just as the Lord acts according to His will, so does the teacher by means of righteousness. The gift of Good mind is for those working for the Good mind of this world. One who makes oneself nourisher of the poor receives the Kingdom of God.


In the long history of Zoroastrianism, the Ahuna vairya is regarded as the most powerful manthra and capable of producing extraordinary effects. The Ahuna Vairya is the first of a trio of Gathic language prayers taught by Zoroaster for daily use, corresponding to the core teaching of Mazdayasna: Good Thoughts, Good Words, and Good Deeds.

In the younger Avesta it is written that Ahura Mazda said,

“…this utterance is a thing of such a nature, that if all the corporeal and living world should learn it, and learning hold fast by it, they would be redeemed from their mortality!” Yasna 19

The Original Ahuna Vairya in the Gathic Language

Yat-ha Ahu waiyo at-ha ratush Ashat chit ha-cha. Wangeush dazda Manangho shyaothananam angeush Mazdai. Kshathremcha Ahurai a yim dregubyo dadat wastarem.


Prayer is powerful like magnetism of spiritual energy. Prayer helps us attain greater spiritual knowledge, life, and inner peace. It helps us focus and be calm, and lets God know our intentions.

As for me, I pray the Ahuna Vairya prayer of Zoroastrianism and the Lord’s Prayer of Christianity everyday. I believe Zarathushtra is a true prophet. I am a born again Christian and believe Jesus Christ is Lord. I only want what what is best for people.

The Lord’s Prayer of Christianity

Prayer is helpful for humanity, and God likes it when we pray. Maybe this post will encourage the reader to pray for any reason. May God bless us.



Beaded cape and regalia from ancient Ur. Multi-colored precious stones and gold. Ahuna vairya.
Beaded cape and regalia from ancient Ur. Multi-colored precious stones and gold.