Community Notes on Zoroastrianism Christianity


August 10, 2023

As follows are community notes on Zoroastrianism Christianity:

Commodus, Caligula, and Nero are three reasons why monarchy is a dangerous practice. Despotism would be preferable to monarchy. A constitutional, meritocractic, capitalistic republic seems like an acceptable political ideal; however, the United States seems to be degrading due to the pernicious influence of corporatist oligarchy, revolving doors between the private, military, and public positions, unelected and non-meritocratic bureaucracy, and monopolistic special interests.

The Sumerian word Shah signifies a 360-degree circle, representative of a crown, and the khvarenah (aura of divine election). The scepter, or rod, also goes back to Sumerian times. The Sumerian royal bloodline in their own records indicates their royals are bloodline descendants of the Anunnaki / Elohim. Iran’s current Shia government of a religious leader operating in concert with a political leader is more Iranian by historical standards, including the Sassanid timeframe especially.

In some of the Buddhist cave art murals in the Kushan area, they depict, at least in part, blonde and blue eyed Buddhist monks. Hard to find the murals these days due to the destruction of humanity’s history by warlords.

Clement of Alexandria is a Christian gnostic, not heretical though. A teleology of Christianity is that human beings are angels who fell from heaven, into this material world, which is part of the contest between good and evil, and the world is like a university. The redemption of Jesus Christ’s saving work fulfills the redemptive act, and walking out one’s salvation through faith and the counsel of the Holy Spirit. The Teacher by Clement of Alexandria goes into this idea in the sense of gnosticism.

Zoroaster’s teachings are totally opposed to the false enlightenment of contemporary Judaism about Leviticus 25 : 45-46, namely the doctrine of Goyim practiced by the political state of Israel:

‘Moreover of the children of the strangers that do sojourn among you, of them shall ye buy, and of their families that are with you, which they begat in your land: and they shall be your possession. And ye shall take them as an inheritance for your children after you, to inherit them for a possession; they shall be your bondmen for ever: but over your brethren the children of Israel, ye shall not rule one over another with rigour.’

The above context can only be apprehended in the context of the fulfilled Savior prophecy of Judaism and Zoroastrianism pertaining to Jesus Christ, which means that Love shall reign supreme and not be sullied by factionalism against God nor our fellow humans regardless of ethnicity or language or ability.

Hebrew’s three mother letters are Air, Water, and Fire. Water (Anahita), Fire (Atar, or alternatively Mit’hra), and Vayu (Air) are from the Zoroastrian Cosmogony, as best attested by the Iranian Creation. Abraham is from Ur in Sumeria, and the religion of Judaism is reformed Judaism from the original known to the Essenes. Today’s Judaism is about as old as Christianity, since it was re-taught in opposition to Christ and the teachings of the Savior.

In Sumerian terms, Enki was the one who helped humanity and wanted us to evolve, and Enlil was the dogmatic one reducing humans to their base means. Seems like the same idea now as ever. In Egyptian terms, Set would be like Enlil and Enki would be like Thoth. Since the Abrahamic religions are based on ascribed revelation of God, as similar to Zoroastrianism, they can’t be bluntly transposed from the Sumerian worldview to an equivalent Egyptian one, albeit similarities and shared ancestry of the principal religious figures. Otherwise it would seem, at times, like Yahuwah and Allah are more resembling Enlil compared to the Enki archetype; and there is something to be said for that, as the Nag Hammadi gnostic library records that perspective, which has more to say akin to the maxim “Know Thyself”.



Undine Rising from the Waters. Community notes on Zoroastrianism Christianity.Commodus, Caligula, and Nero are three reasons why monarchy is a dangerous practice.
Undine Rising from the Waters.