Prayer is really supernatural. These are special prayers for Salvation. Please read them over, and, if you agree, you are invited to pray these prayers with your voice and/or in your heart:

Salvation Prayer – Version 1 – Foundation

“Dear Lord Jesus Christ, please live in my heart and be my God. Jesus Christ, save me from my sins forever. Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, You are the only begotten Son of the Creator, King of kings, the Savior of humanity, Yahuwah, Lord God, I AM. I repent of my evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds. I hereby reject Satan in all forms now and in perpetuity and ask for Your divine forgiveness and Holy Ghost. Thank You, Jesus Christ and Yahuwah. As it is Your will, it is done. Amen.”

Supplemental prayer for counseling of the Holy Spirit:

“In the name of Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, I sit at Your feet, Yahuwah. Hear me and teach me, lead and guide me in all truth. Please send Your Holy Spirit to refresh, counsel, and guide me. If it is Your will, it is done. Thank You. Amen.”

Salvation Prayer – Version 2  – Teaching Level

“Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, my LORD and my God, I repent of my sins of evil thoughts, words, and deeds. I have faith You are God’s only begotten Son, Son of Yahuwah, my Creator. I believe You are the Word and Good Mind. I have faith You incarnated to Earth in the flesh, lived, and taught Your sacred law perfectly in thoughts, words, and deeds as God’s supreme messenger and God Himself.

“I believe You suffered Yourself to be crucified for my individual as well as all our world’s collective sins on the cross. I have faith that You are resurrected by Your own power with the Father. Only Your flesh body died, my Jesus. I know You have offered Yourself as a supernatural sacrifice for my sins, for my sins individually.

“I confess how my sins have this effect of separating me from Your righteousness. However, I repent and know You are my redemption, my God, and the Way of Life. I turn far away from evil now. I reject Satan now and in perpetuity. Yahuwah, please give me Your Holy Ghost in Jesus Christ’s name to lead me and guide me as my friend, comforter, and supreme teacher. I ask You for all wisdom and truth. Your Grace and Truth frees me. Yahushuah Ben David, I thank You for this new life You have given.

“I forgive others and myself, too. I forgive my enemies, and ask You to bless them with what they most need. Jesus, please shepherd me into peacefulness and a life rich in goodness, virtue, and righteousness of the Holy Spirit with compassion and friendliness to everyone.

“Baptize me in the Holy Spirit and give me all spiritual gifts. Lord God, please lead and guide me into all grace and truth. Help me love others as You have loved us. Thank You for always being close to us. Our Father in Heaven, Yahuwah, thank You for Your gift of eternal life. All this I pray in Jesus Christ’s name. If it is Your will, it is done. Amen.”

Salvation Prayer – Version 3 – A Deep Choice


Because the name and blood of Jesus Christ breaks all contracts, oaths, and agreements you could have made knowingly or unknowingly with Satan, no matter how much the devil tries to lie and trick you with contracts, oaths, or agreements with false gods or false religions, you can renounce your affiliation and break those spiritual chains by the Blood and Name of Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak.

The Love of the Creator for his Creation is simply beyond our capacity to comprehend, although we experience God and sense His Holy Word in measures. Life is no accident. Please read this third prayer with agreement in your heart so that God through this prayer may more completely minister to your needs as needed.

Prayer for Salvation and Deliverance

“Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, Jesus Christ, Son of Yahuwah, I ask You for Your gift of salvation, soul-redemption, soul-healing, and soul-protection through Your finished work on the Cross at the Place of the Skull called Golgotha. I now and forever in perpetuity renounce all ties and obligations to Satan. I renounce and repent of evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds.

“I plead the power of the blood and name of Jesus Christ for my soul and life. I ask Yahuwah in Jesus’ name for forgiveness and mercy because of the wrong, evil, and harmful things that I may have done to Your Creation, Yahuwah. Lord and Savior, Yahushuah, please deliver me from every evil device, hook, and snare of Satan.

“Forgive me, my Creator. Change me into Your Life from the inside outward, work all miracles in my life, heal my heart, cleanse me from unrighteousness. Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, send Your holy angels to intercede for my soul on Your behalf and for the souls of Your Creation in need and in danger from evil. Apply Your holy Fire and cleansing of Your Holy Spirit to burn, extinguish, and root out all evil from my environment and me. Yahuwah, lead me and guide me into heavenly ways and pursuits.

“Lord Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, I ask that You fill the empty spaces within me with Your presence and free and restore all soul fragments of my soul from captivity and bondage wherever they are and make me whole and complete in You. Father, thank You for listening and being Good. Thank You for examining my heart because of the work of grace, freedom, truth, and restoration in Yahuwah’s name, in the name of Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak. If it is Your will, it is done. Amen. Amen. Amen.”

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Gold helmet from ancient Sumeria. Human head design. Salvation is a helmet.
Gold helmet from ancient Sumeria. Human head design.