Many diverse and carefully chosen faith articles are published and provided here, offering an impressive range of information about spiritual perspectives and the early Christian church. These Bible study articles may result positively by sharing wisdom, in turn stimulating one’s independent thought with discernment. Our church goal in sharing knowledge is that humanity may more fully love God and humanity in spirit and truth. Each man or woman’s learning and acquisition of knowledge has this outstanding effect of advancing one’s capacities to grow in good thoughts, good words, and good deeds.


The Gospel of Truth

The Gospel of Mary

The Teachings of Silvanus

The Epistle of Barnabus

Four Different Versions of How Paul Became a Christian

The Apostles’ Epistle

Tatian’s Address to the Hellenes

Melito of Sardis – Surviving Writings

The Acts of Peter

The Acts of Andrew

The Teaching of Simon Cephas in the City of Rome

The Apocalypse of Ezra


The Gathas : Holy Songs of Zarathushtra (Translation) by Mobed Firouz Azargoshasb from

Reading the Names of God from Ahura Mazda Yasht

101 Names of God

The Seven Spirits of God by Alan Lewis Silva

THE DHAMMAPADA Buddhist scriptures attributed to the teachings of Shakyamuni

Wisdom Tree – Tibetan Proverbs

Words of Gad the Seer (Chapter One)

A Tibetan Gospel Account of Jesus Christ

Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu

Falun Dafa Teachings

Dragon Grail Code Lore

The Virgin of the World

Outline of End Times Events and Figures by Sherry Shriner

America the Babylon by Sherry Shriner

NESARA by Sherry Shriner

The Hooks and Roots of Sin by Sherry Shriner

Who and What Are Aliens by Sherry Shriner

The Biggest Secret Of All by Sherry Shriner

Angels in the Flesh by Sherry Shriner

The Serpent and the Illuminati by Sherry Shriner

Enslavement of Satanism : Only One Way Out by Sherry Shriner

International Orgone Network – The Bible Codes and Orgone by Sherry Shriner

From August 3, 2009 (RE: Cisco Wheeler) — Sherry Talk Radio with Sherry Shriner

April 18, 2011 (RE: Passover & Yahweh’s Holidays) — Monday Night with Sherry Shriner

Radio Interview with Cisco Wheeler

Essene Gospel of Jesus Christ Illustrated Postcards (shared with permission)


Gold bracelet from ancient Gaul. Floral design. Articles are like flowers.
Gold bracelet from ancient Gaul. Floral design.

Avesta Yashts and Vendidad of Zoroastrianism

Homilies and Recognitions by Bishop Clement