Early Christianity Unveiled by Alan Lewis Silva


PRESS RELEASE December 19, 2022

Early Christianity Unveiled is an anthology of nine rare works radiating loving light to humanity. This book offers an elemental key to the door of Heaven, which presents spiritual knowledge of God’s love and care for His Creation. The texts in this volume are as follows: Four Different Versions of How Paul Became a Christian; The Pastor of Hermas; Life of Saint Antony; The Letter of Yeremiyah; Valis the Essene; Yahushuah the Essene by E. Planta Nesbit; The Two Witnesses; Essene Apocalypse; and The Gospel of Philip.

Each of these works has been carefully curated from years of research and study. This book has been lovingly and meticulously edited by Alan Lewis Silva from public domain works, meaning that each of these texts is unique to other versions available. The overall format of this book is organized and the font is easy to read. This book is offered non-judgmentally without any interest in changing anyone’s belief system. This book is a gift of spiritual fruit from an author with some talents, who is a born-again Christian. Please enjoy this book and feel free to share your insights with others. Thank you, and peace.


THE HOLY BIBLE: https://sdbiblestudy.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/03/The-King-James-Bible-1611.pdf

PRINT: https://www.lulu.com/shop/alan-lewis-silva/early-christianity-unveiled/paperback/product-5p5rd7.html?page=1&pageSize=4

EBOOK: https://www.lulu.com/shop/alan-lewis-silva/early-christianity-unveiled/ebook/product-wp4epm.html?page=1&pageSize=4

Early Christianity Unveiled Alan Lewis Silva Ebook
Early Christianity Unveiled Alan Lewis Silva Ebook
Early Christianity Unveiled Alan Lewis Silva
Early Christianity Unveiled Alan Lewis Silva