Community Notes on the Age of the Holy Spirit


August 14, 2023 

Saint Peter’s basilica is in the shape of a dragon wearing a crown. The Pope’s audience hall is also in the shape of serpent head. I think it has to do partly with the dragon bloodlines from ancient Sumeria, and Mary probably had this dragon blood because she was from royal and priestly bloodlines of Judah and Levi, which made Jesus in the bloodline sense prophet, priest, and king of Israel. A big part of the Passion events involved anointing Jesus with the holy anointing oil of kingship, crowning Jesus King, his being examined, and having it written King of the Jews over the cross Christ sacrificed Himself on.

The Roman Catholics sort of use Mary as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. Mary also allows women to have a more relatable connection to God and more prominent place for women in Christian worship.

Many Portuguese have a belief in the reigning of the Holy Spirit, perhaps in the age of Aquarius, meaning the reigning of Christ in Spirit and in Truth among all peoples in a global age of enlightenment. It’s not identical to the physical return of the Lord, but the way I read Revelation it seems like they both could occur. A Roman Catholic pope repudiated this Age of the Holy Spirit belief (the first Age being the age of Yahuwah [Ares] and the second Age being Jesus Christ [Pisces]).

Many Portuguese nonetheless maintain this belief in the Age of the Holy Spirit, as it is still remembered with the Portuguese Festas, especially the Festa do Espirito Santo, which honors Queen Isabel of Portugal feeding the poor. Portuguese Queen Isabel is also a Canonized Saint, a pious and godly woman and did have miracles attributed to her. The Fatima revelations seems to relate to an Age of the Holy Spirit, and there is some controversy about whether the Third Revelation was ever fully disclosed.

The dragon royal bloodline of Sumeria, where Ur, Abraham and Sarah’s home was in Sumeria, is also traceable to the R1B blood and RH negative blood. For example, King Charles, closest heir to throne of Charlemagne (Charlemagne was crowned Emperor of Rome), is blood R1B, type O, Rh negative blood. The dragon royal bloodline all goes back to ancient Sumeria when Adam and Eve were created about 4000 B.C. as a new type of human.

It’s not that there were no humans before Adam because that is a misreading of the Bible and there is too much obvious evidence of humans before 4000 B.C., including home sapiens and neanderthals existing as far back as 30,000 B.C. when they somewhat commingled. There is also some recent evidence that the Denisovan humans were at least some of them giants.

The KJV Genesis 2:13 might have mistranslated Kush for Ethiopia, when actually the Four Rivers are in Mesopotamia and there was a city called KSH where the Gihon flowed.

The Sumerian timeframe, and age of Adam and Eve, would have been commencing about the start of the astrological age of Taurus.

Jesus Christ is Lord. Jesus Christ is come in the flesh. Peace and best regards.


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Map of Safavid Iran