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Alan Lewis Silva Musical Shadows

ALAN LEWIS SILVA MUSIC My name is Alan Lewis Silva, and I am the minister of Sdbiblestudy Church I own the rights to these songs, which I am making available for non-commercial use, all rights reserved. Although Sdbiblestudy Church is oriented to the worship of Yahuwah and Jesus Christ, Yahushuah Ha’Mashiak, part of our… read more »

Early Christianity Unveiled by Alan Lewis Silva

PRESS RELEASE December 19, 2022 Early Christianity Unveiled is an anthology of nine rare works radiating loving light to humanity. This book offers an elemental key to the door of Heaven, which presents spiritual knowledge of God’s love and care for His Creation. The texts in this volume are as follows: Four Different Versions of… read more »

Homilies and Recognitions by Bishop Clement

HOMILIES AND RECOGNITIONS BIBLE STUDY PRESS RELEASE May 28, 2022 This book is Homilies and Recognitions, often referred to as Clementine Literature. The word “homily” means a sermon, but in this case Homilies refers to an entire narrative expression with a beginning, middle, and end, including characters, actions, and teachings. This work claims to have… read more »