Homilies and Recognitions by Bishop Clement


PRESS RELEASE May 28, 2022

This book is Homilies and Recognitions, often referred to as Clementine Literature. The word “homily” means a sermon, but in this case Homilies refers to an entire narrative expression with a beginning, middle, and end, including characters, actions, and teachings. This work claims to have been written by a bishop of the early church, Clement, who sojourns with the apostle Peter and faithfully records Peter’s evangelism and events occurring along the way.

Christianity is presently diverse in the world, and, as evidenced by this book, this faith from the beginning appears to have been diverse back then, even 1700 or more years ago, which is about as far back as this book has been circulating. Homilies and Recognitions informs the reader with a completely interesting and thought-provoking record of Early Church beliefs, Bible affirmations, and windows into ancient life and society at the time of the apostles.

Homilies and Recognitions seems to also bypass the First Council of Nicaea pertaining to Christianity and modern-day preachings about Saint Paul. This book is very special because of how carefully and lovingly edited it is by Alan Lewis Silva. The words and print are easy to read. You do not have to believe in this book as scripture in order to gain fresh and exhilarating spiritual perspectives you can vibe with on the way of truth and life.


Chapter 19. The True Prophet.

“Now the Man who is the helper I call the true Prophet; and He alone is able to enlighten the souls of men, so that with our own eyes we may be able to see the way of eternal salvation.

But otherwise it is impossible, as you also know, since you said a little while ago that every doctrine is set up and pulled down, and the same is thought true or false, according to the power of him who advocates it; so that doctrines do not appear as they are, but take the appearance of being or not being truth or falsehood from those who advocate them.

On this account the whole business of religion needed a true prophet, that he might tell us things that are, as they are, and how we must believe concerning all things […]

For by our initial proof, and by strict inquiry on every side, all things are received with right reason. Wherefore before all things it is necessary to seek after the true Prophet, because without Him it is impossible that any certainty can come to men.”


Chapter 30. How the Pure in Heart See God.

Then Peter answered: “To those who do not read the law according to the tradition of Moses, my speech appears to be contrary to it; but I will show you how it is not contradictory.

God is seen by the mind, not by the body; by the spirit, not by the flesh. Whence also angels, who are spirits, see God; and therefore men, as long as they are men, cannot see Him. But after the resurrection of the dead, when they shall have been made like the angels, they shall be able to see God.

And thus my statement is not contrary to the law; neither is that which our Master said, ‘Blessed are they of a pure heart, for they shall see God.’ For He showed that a time shall come in which of men shall be made angels, who in the spirit of their mind shall see God.”

After these and many similar sayings, Simon began to assert with many oaths, saying: “Concerning one thing only render me a reason, whether the soul is immortal, and I shall submit to your will in all things. But let it be tomorrow, for today it is late.” When therefore Peter began to speak, Simon went out, and with him a very few of his associates; and that for shame.

But all the rest, turning to Peter, on bended knees prostrated themselves before him; and some of those who were afflicted with diverse sicknesses, or invaded by demons, were healed by the prayer of Peter, and departed rejoicing, as having obtained at once the doctrine of the true God, and also His mercy.





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Homilies and Recognitions BOOK by Bishop Clement - Alan Lewis Silva
Homilies and Recognitions by Bishop Clement (Alan Lewis Silva)