Homilies and Recognitions by Bishop Clement

PRESS RELEASE May 28, 2022

This book is Homilies and Recognitions, often referred to as Clementine Literature. The word “homily” means a sermon, but in this case Homilies refers to an entire narrative expression with a beginning, middle, and end, including characters, actions, and teachings. This work claims to have been written by a bishop of the early church, Clement, who sojourns with the apostle Peter and faithfully records Peter’s evangelism and events occurring along the way. Christianity is presently diverse in the world, and, as evidenced by this book, this faith from the beginning appears to have been diverse back then, even 1700 or more years ago, which is about as far back as this book has been circulating. Homilies and Recognitions informs the reader with a completely interesting and thought-provoking record of Early Church beliefs, Bible affirmations, and windows into ancient life and society at the time of the apostles. Homilies and Recognitions seems to also bypass the First Council of Nicaea pertaining to Christianity and modern-day preachings about Saint Paul. This book is very special because of how carefully and lovingly edited it is by Alan Lewis Silva. The words and print are easy to read. You do not have to believe in this book as scripture in order to gain fresh and exhilarating spiritual perspectives you can vibe with on the way of truth and life.