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The Truth and Other Weapons to Destroy Demons

Weapons to Use in Demonic Warfare

Ask Yourself the Question How Would You Feel

Jesus Christ Is Our Deliverer

The Blood Has Purchasing Power

Let Them Off the Hook

The Economy of Love

Walking with Joshua – Part 2

Walking with Joshua – Part 1

A Way to Find Peace

Could Righteousness Be the Right Way? / Liquid Love

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Possessing Our Inheritance in the Promised Land

How to Fight and Defend Against a Witch

How to Get Free of Tough Spirits That Are Holding On

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Looking in the Right Direction

Giants Are in the Land Possessing Our Promises

The Milk Is Powerful and Necessary to Overcome



The Helmet of Salvation

Coming Out of Your Own Personal Egypt

The Dream, the Endtimes, and the End of the World

Jesus Is Coming, and You Got to Be Ready

Factors in the End of Days and About Marriage

To Be Racist Is to Have a Spirit of Murder Inside You

Stand Your Ground and Stay Rooted in the Word as the World Goes Crazy

You Gotta Come Up and Get Right with God

Call on Jesus Christ TODAY & Be Saved – Tomorrow May Be Too Late

Do Not Trust Your Feelings – You Have to Trust in God

The Butt Naked Truth

God Is Not Playing – He Is Separating

We Got to Come Up

Luke 4 : 18

Wake Up – The World Is Going Crazy

Rebuilding Your Mind – Serve God Before You Lose Your Life

It’s All or Nothing

No Time Left to Play Around! – Time to Come Up and Serve Jesus

Terry Jefferson

Is a Spirit of Idolatry Being Worshiped in Your House?

The Easiest Way to Defeat Satan Is to Live Right!

Three Realms of Spiritual Warfare

Plant Yourself and Endure

The End Times

Save Yourselves from This Untoward Generation

Stop Playing Games and Get REAL with the LORD

Demonic Doorways and Portals That Keep You in Bondage

Demonic Influence

Get Right Tonight! – You Have No Guarantee of Tomorrow

God Wants to Talk to You About Your Attitude

Keep Reading – You Will Start Believing

Cleaning Up the Church

The God of Sports and the Spirit of Rebellion in America

At All Costs Obey God, and God Will Take You to the Next Level

You Are in Training

You Tried Everything – Will You Try Jesus?

Are You Double-minded?

A World That Has Gone Crazy

Waiting to Be Loved

Understanding What You’re Fighting Against

Facing Off Against the Darkness – Get Strong in Jesus Now!

What Is Your Purpose?

Building His Kingdom Church

You Have the Authority to Move Your Mountains

Hold Fast to Your Righteousness

Don’t Oppose God – Trust and Obey Him!

Beating the Spirit of Confusion

Christian Persecution

Don’t Be Entangled Again in the Things Jesus Has Set You Free From

Your Faith

Don’t Let the Devil Wear You Out

Obey God at All Costs

Are You Prepared to Stand and Withstand What Is Coming or Will You Fall Away?

Repent – Come Clean with God and Pray for Your Brother

Everybody Is Not on the Same Level – You Must Show Love

You’re In or You’re Out – Time to Choose – Remember Lot’s Wife

Stand Firm with God

We Have Got to Fight Back

LORD, Please Get Me Back to That Place



Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? – Part 1

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? – Part 2



Stop the Sabotage in Our Lives!

All Souls Are Mine

Perilous Times

Breaking the Power of Satan

Snake Oil or the Water of Life

Shackled to a Devil

The Viper’s Snare

Caught Between Two Worlds

Defeating the White Owl of Death, Spider, and Viper Spirits

An Empty House Can’t Clean Itself

Painted in Their Own Image

The Days of Noah

Why Do We Go Through Struggles and Suffering?

Hearing the Voice of God

The True, The False, The Black, and The White

Be an Overcomer

The Cookie Jar: Get Your Hand Out Before It Is Too Late

Beat Back the Forces of Darkness and Part 2 of Walking as He Walked

The Invasion and Part 1 of Walking as He Walked

Demon Zones and How to Defeat Them in Jesus Name

The Demon Zones and How to Be Free

I Saw Heaven and the New Jerusalem

I Saw the Pits of Hell – You Don’t Want to Miss Heaven



If You and I Do Not Resist Evil Who Will?

Turning Up the Heat on the Enemy

Do You Have the Waster Spirit? Destroy Their Demonic Embassies

Bounty Hunters from the Pits of Hell

Pavor Nocturnis, Shaphan, & Other Spirits and How to Defeat Them

Will You Curse God and Die or Keep the Faith and Live?

Deliverance from Rage and Euroclydon

I Died and Saw Heaven and More Gold from the Word of God

Golden Nuggets

Jesus Delivered Me from the Devil’s Tornado – The True Story of Earthquake Kelley



Boy Scouts, Masons, and Demonic Bondage

How to Fortify Yourself, Your Family and Your Church

Voodoo Attack on America & Mormon Werewolves Exposed

Christmas vs. Hanukkah

Fallen Angel Seductions – Mysteries of Angels and Demons

Halloween’s Dark Geography

DIMENSIONAL DELIVERANCE: Prayer of the Boundary Crosser

Spiritual Warfare, Addiction, and Redeeming the Firstborn

Trump, Curses, & The Religious Spirit



Six Ways Demons Could Try to Dominate in Our Lives

Serve God and Let Go of That Sin

What Does S.R.A. Mean?

Are You Suffering from a Freemasonry Curse?

God Says You Are Worthy of His Love

The Testing of Your Faith During the Hardships of Life

Destroy Satan’s Vantage Points in Your Life in Jesus Name

Jesus Is the Rock and My Name Is on the Roll

Fear Made Me Do It

Abide in Christ

Do I Have a Relationship with Jesus?

The Revelation 12 Sign in the Heavens

They Will Know You by Your Walk

God Is Taking Care of Kingdom Business – Keep the Faith

Awake O Sleeper

It’s All or Nothing

Rejecting God’s Knowledge = Death

Exposing the Spirit of Haman

Q. & A. with Bill French and Shannon Davis



The Sabbath Rest of Yehovah (with Chris Blodgett)

The True Testimony of Chris Blodgett

American History As You Have Never Heard It Before (with Tom Baird)

The Resurrection of the Just – Part 2 (with Tom Baird)

The Resurrection of the Just – Part 1 (with Tom Baird)

The Human Soul

Energy Drains

The Christian Walk (with Tom Baird)

Ancient Evil III: The Phiabi Crime Family – Part II

The Demonic Hit Team – Part 2 (with Tom Baird)

The Demonic Hit Team – Part 1 (with Tom Baird)

Ancient Evil III: False Prophets and the Phiabi Crime Family – Part I

Ancient Evil II

Ancient Evil I

The Final Temple

The Psalms 83 War – Part 3 (with Tom Baird)

The Psalms 83 War – Part 2 (with Tom Baird)

The Psalms 83 War – Part 1 (with Tom Baird)

Tom Mack and Shannon Davis – Part 2 of 2

Tom Mack and Shannon Davis – Part 1 of 2

The Vision from God About Our President Donald Trump (with Tom Baird)

Believe your Bible

Tales from the Vietnam War – Part 2 (with Tom Baird)

Quantum Bible Research

Tales from the Vietnam War – Part 1 (with Tom Baird)



A Psalm for Deliverance

Think Differently About How We Use Our Resources & Become Kingdom Minded

Ways to Prepare for Your Expectation

The Dangers of Backsliding

Be a Kingdom Seeker and Take Care of Your Fences and Your Gates

What Do You Do When the Devils Don’t Go?

The Rise of a Shepherdless Generation

Deliverance from the Famine at Hand

End Time Happenings

Exercising Power & Authority in Deliverance and the Work of God

The Power to Be Delivered

What It Really Takes to Fight

The War Against Marriage

Deliverance from Sexual Bondage

Winning the War Against Discouragement

Are Both God and Satan Fighting You

Overcoming the Fiery Darts of Satan



The Blood of Jesus – Part 1

Following the Call of God

Trickle Down Demons

Hold On to Jesus in Times of Trouble

Doing Us Good in the Latter End

Trials, Tests and Temptations (Continued)

The Love of God, The Faith of God, & the Word of God

Trials, Tests, and Temptations

Standing in the Light and Reflecting Jesus

Deliverances of Jesus

Unmasking Freemasonry (with Mass Deliverance)

Don’t Cut and Run – True Stories of Deliverance

What You Say Is What You Get – Part 2

What You Say Is What You Get – Part 1

Having Inner Peace

The Fruit of Inner Peace

Entering into Your Promised Land

The Mind: The Seat of Successful Deliverance

An Introduction to Deliverance and a Mass Deliverance

Deliverance from the Poison Root of Bitterness

Overcoming Fear and the Cares of This World

Healed of Asthma, Allergies, and C.O.P.D.

Winning in the Game of Life