It is the Holy Spirit who draws you to Christ.

VERSION 1 – General

This is a supernatural prayer. It is a special prayer for Salvation. Please read it over, and if you agree then read it out loud with your voice and with agreement in you heart:

“Jesus my Lord and my God, I repent of my sins of evil thinking, evil words, and evil deeds. I believe you are the Son of God, and I believe you are the Good Mind. I know you came to earth, lived and taught a holy life as God’s messenger and only begotten Son. I believe you suffered yourself to be crucified for our individual and collective sins on the cross, and that are resurrected by your own power with the Father. I know you gave yourself as a supernatural sacrifice for my sins, for me personally. Thank you, Jesus, for doing this. I confess I am a sinner, but I know you are a friend to sinners. I confess my sins separated me from righteousness, but I know in You is my redemption. I turn now away from evil thinking, evil words, and evil deeds. God, give me your Holy Ghost in Jesus Christ’s name to lead me and guide me as a friend, a comforter, and a teacher. I want wisdom and truth. Truth makes me free. Lord Jesus, I thank you for new life in the Son of God. I forgive others and myself. I forgive my enemies, and ask you to bless them with what they most need. Jesus, please shepherd me into peace and life full of goodness, virtue, and righteousness. Lord Jesus Christ, come into my heart and be my God. Help me to love. Thank you for always being close.  Father, thank you for your gift of eternal life. Lead me and guide me into all truth. All this I pray in Jesus Christ’s name.” Amen and amen.

Never forget the Creator loves all His Creation, and we are always in communication with God through His incarnate Word and Son. We are willing co-workers with God through good thoughts, good words, and good deeds. God abides in our conscience.

VERSION 2 – Elect

The name of Jesus Christ breaks all contracts, oaths, and agreements you could have made with Satan knowingly or unknowingly. The adversary and accuser does not and cannot possess your soul until your physical death. No matter how much Satan tries to lie and trick you, if you have made contracts, oaths, or agreements with false gods or false religions, you can renounce your affiliation and break the spiritual chains of darkness by the Blood of Jesus. The Love of the Creator for his Creation is simply beyond our capacity to comprehend, although we experience it and feel it in measures. Life is not an accident. Please read this prayer with agreement in your heart so that it ministers to you.

“Jesus, Son of God, I ask You for your gift of salvation, soul-redemption, soul-healing, and soul-protection through your finished work on the Cross at the Place of the Skull (“Golgotha”). I renounce all ties and obligations to Satan and his agents. I renounce evil thoughts, evil words, and evil deeds. I plead as my plea the blood of Jesus for my soul. I renounce Satan. I ask forgiveness and mercy for the evil things that I have done to You and your Creation. Jesus, I ask you to please deliver me from perdition and evil devices of Satan. Forgive me, Father. Please change me and heal my heart and cleanse me from evil. Jesus, Lord, please send your angels to intercede on your behalf for my soul. Apply the holy fire and cleansing of your Holy Spirit to burn out all evil things from my environment and my substance. Lead me into and teach me your ways, Yahweh. Fill the empty spaces with your Presence. Father, thank you for hearing me and the work of Restoration in Jesus’ name.” Amen.