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The Truth and Other Weapons to Destroy Demons

Weapons to Use in Demonic Warfare

Ask Yourself the Question How Would You Feel

Jesus Christ Is Our Deliverer

The Blood Has Purchasing Power

Let Them Off the Hook

The Economy of Love

Walking with Joshua – Part 2

Walking with Joshua – Part 1

A Way to Find Peace

Could Righteousness Be the Right Way? / Liquid Love

Blessed Are the Peacemakers

Possessing Our Inheritance in the Promised Land

How to Fight and Defend Against a Witch

How to Get Free of Tough Spirits That Are Holding On

Entering the Kingdom of Heaven

Looking in the Right Direction

Giants Are in the Land Possessing Our Promises

The Milk Is Powerful and Necessary to Overcome



Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? – Part 1

Can a Christian Lose Their Salvation? – Part 2



The Blood of Jesus – Part 1

Following the Call of God

Hold On to Jesus in Times of Trouble

Doing Us Good in the Latter End

Trials, Tests and Temptations (Continued)

The Love of God, The Faith of God, & the Word of God

Trials, Tests, and Temptations

Standing in the Light and Reflecting Jesus

Deliverances of Jesus

Unmasking Freemasonry (with Mass Deliverance)

Don’t Cut and Run – True Stories of Deliverance

What You Say Is What You Get – Part 2

What You Say Is What You Get – Part 1

Having Inner Peace

The Fruit of Inner Peace

Entering into Your Promised Land

The Mind: The Seat of Successful Deliverance

An Introduction to Deliverance and a Mass Deliverance

Deliverance from the Poison Root of Bitterness

Overcoming Fear and the Cares of This World

Winning in the Game of Life